- Permanent Adhesive: general applicability to many substrates, including rough and slightly curved ones but also on the plastic substances such as PE and PP.


- Reinforced Adhesive: Adhesive with strong adhesion characteristics, suitable for difficult labelling and rough surfaces such as wood, cardboard and rough plastics.


- High FixingAdhesive: adhesive with excellent adhesion characteristics, specially developed for difficult applications, such as labeling of rough plastics, cardboard or wooden fruit crates.


- Freezing Adhesive: Permanent adhesive for labeling of cold and / or frozen surfaces. It is recommended not to expose it to high temperatures or direct sunlight.


- Removable / Repositionable Adhesive: removable adhesive. Easy to take off. Operates over a wide range of substrates, which leave no residue in the peeling.


- Food Adhesive: Adhesive for direct food contact (dry food, moist and not greasy, meat labeling ...)



Printed labels up to 2 colors

Flexo printing

Logistic , weight / price, traceability, stickers, promotional labels



Labels are attached to the mandrel without glue and without adhesive to avoid damaging the printhead.


( For specific products and on demand, application possibility of having any type of adhesive toyour applications.)