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Our product data sheets

We can send you the technical data sheet (s) of our products that you order from us, on simple request from our sales representatives. Do not hesitate to consult them.


Our major concern is to produce in strict compliance with our hygiene recommendations. Our staff is continually made aware of the respect of these rules.

Our procedure for dealing with non-quality

Any anomaly, at any level whatsoever (supplier, production, commercial and transport), is scrupulously notified on an internal document and is assigned a non-quality code. Any non-quality feedback is dealt with quickly and will trigger corrective action.


Our traceability of the raw material

As soon as our delivery of raw material is unloaded, we carry out various checks on it:
– Visual checks of the coils,
– Reconciliation of the references ordered with those delivered,
– Verification of the diameters of the coils to check the linear meters delivered,
– Checks on our supplier’s traceability label (this data will be used for our own traceability),
– Micrometric controls (film thickness).

Cardboard coding

Our products are subject to traceability defined by internal codification containing the following information:
– The code and number of the raw material reel.
– The code of the operator who produced the bags,
– The date of manufacture.

Our expertise
Our expertise

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