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Complementary range SACPO SAS offers you its complementary tailor-made range.

Shrink Bags

They are tight against oxygen, moisture and microorganisms.
After the product has been evacuated, it is possible to retract the product in water at 90 ° C (boiling water or steam oven 100 ° C) for 5 to 10 seconds and then leave the vacuum bag to cool until hardening.

LDPE (Low density), PEMD (Medium density) OR HDPE (High density) bags

The bags are shaped using sheaths previously extruded in the form of coils. The technique consists of cutting this sheath and then welding it at one end.

There are different types of finishing: with open mouth, welded angle, with or without closing link, with or without cutting handle …
The finished product can be packaged in rolls, bundles or in bulk …


Canvas to Bones

The canvas is used for sharp, sharp or pointed products (meats with bones, hard cheeses …) in order to prevent the bags from being perforated when placing under empty.

The protective canvas is sold in rolls of 100m or 150m,
Width 250 & 333 mm. Tearable or not

Food Plates

The plates are made of rigid cardboard or extruded polystyrene.
Ideal food plate for vacuum packaging of smoked or fresh salmon and fish, foie gras, duck breasts, etc.

Food Dividers

Smooth interlayer sheet, allowing to separate finely cut foods so as to prevent the slices from sticking together.
Food contact guarantee.

Transfer Ribbons

SACPO SAS also offers a complete range of transfer tapes to suit all applications:

Economical Wax

For basic applications where value for money is essential

High Resistance Wax

For durable, rub-resistant prints on coated, glossy labels

High Density Wax

For very black prints in all circumstances: high speed, colored paper, cold environment…

Wax-Resin Standard

For applications that require good print quality and abrasion resistance on many substrates, including synthetics.

High Performance Wax-Resin

For applications requiring perfect print quality on delicate applications (specific media, printing small characters) coupled with excellent abrasion resistance. Ideal for the medical or pharmaceutical sector.

Wax-Resin Near Edge

This range of thermal transfer ribbons is specially dedicated for technology printers. Ribbons offering excellent print quality and resistance on paper or packaging films, even at very high speeds.

Premium resin

For applications requiring very good resistance to many standard chemicals, heat, cold and scratching.

High Performance Resin

Resin thermal transfer ribbons for very high resistance to aggressive chemicals (toluene, xylene, skydrol, acetone, ..) and high heat (up to 300 ° C).

Extreme Resin

Coupled with specific label materials, Extreme thermal transfer ribbons deliver ultra-durable prints, even under the harshest conditions.

We have COLOR transfer ribbons in our range, so do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information

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