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Adhesive labels

SACPO SAS manufactures your adhesive labels on reel, neutral or printed.

With food contact glue for direct labeling of fruit or meat, on thermal paper for weight / price labeling or with a specific adhesive for labeling frozen or wet products, SACPO SAS advises you to design the most effective label.

In order not to damage the printheads of your machines,
our labels are attached to the mandrel without glue.

Coils, mandrels ø 25 mm / 38 mm / 40 mm / 76 mm / 152 mm
All types of paper / All types of synthetics / All types of adhesives

Adhesive labels

The materials

Label making encompasses a large number of constraints and techniques. The support, in particular, must be perfectly adapted to the use, meet the specificities of your product and comply with budgetary constraints.

Standard and thermal papers, through structured and synthetic materials, our experience of constraints allows us to advise you precisely in order to determine the support best suited to the problem of your label.

Vellum papers, coated / Kromekote / Creative papers / Metallic papers (gold, silver …) / Thermal papers / Polypropylenes etc .

Types of adhesives

Each type of use corresponds to a type of adhesive: from -195 C° to +200 C°, permanent, removable or even reinforced for difficult surfaces, effective in humid environment.

This extremely technical material requires precise specifications and a great knowledge of the possibilities of the materials.

The SACPO SAS team shares all its know-how to offer you a solution perfectly suited to your conditions of use.

Permanent / Reinforced / Removable / Freezing / Freezing / etc.

The shapes

With several types of cutting shapes, SACPO SAS assists you in the creation of your label by advising you on the feasibility. From standard to tailor-made, precise and robust, the cutting shapes are designed to provide several hundred thousand machine revolutions.

The performance of these tools allows complex finishes such as cutting from below the adhesive backing, to the simplest such as micro perforations which allow parts to be easily detached of the label (coupons).

Straight cuts / Mid-cut cut / Specific shapes / Creation of custom shapes

For your thermal transfer printers, SACPO SAS also offers its range of TRANSFER RIBBONS.

Adhesive labels
Adhesive labels
Adhesive labels
Adhesive labels
Adhesive labels
Adhesive labels

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